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Fiscal Accountability

Our Fundraising


The Mer Hooys Board of Directors is responsible for raising the approximately $150,000 annually that is required to run the Nakashian Center program. Sharply escalating costs in Armenia coupled with devaluation of the Armenian dram present serious challenges.  Costs for food, transportation and fuel, basic household goods, and clothing have increased as much as 50-70 percent since the program started in 2012.  The U.S. dollar buys approximately 23 percent less than it did in 2012.


Mer Hooys does not accept any funds from the Armenian government, nor is the government directly involved in the operation of our program, other than in a collaborative and consultative model.  The only government funding our residents receive are the grants and other assistance provided to all students in Armenia, regardless of their situations.


Our fundraising is supplemented with generous donations of goods and services, which defray more than one-fourth of our expenses in Armenia.   Program participants attend public school at no cost to Mer Hooys, and local university students and diaspora philanthropic organizations provide tutoring services and English lessons free of charge.  Our budgeted educational and program costs reflect our expenses for tutoring by our staff, and unsubsidized cultural field trips, and classes and training in technology and the arts.

More than 90% of Your Donations Directly Support Our Girls


Mer Hooys operates with fiscal accountability and transparency.  The U.S. Board spends less than 10 percent of our total annual income on administrative costs, including travel to Armenia to supervise staff and interact with the residents.  That means more than 90 percent of all donations are dedicated to providing the service and support our girls need – including professional program and counseling, training, shelter, food, clothing and school supplies. We have an accountant in Armenia who regularly provides us with detailed cash flow reports and a certified public accountant in the United States reviews our financial records and prepares our annual tax returns and reports.


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