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Academic Achievement

Education is the key to success, and the foundation of the Mer Hooys program. Our girls receive the necessary assistance and tools to navigate the challenges of education in all areas including their public school curriculum, language development, computer skills, and college preparation. Educational professionals provide tutoring in various subjects as needed, and assist the

Career & Vocational Training

Mer Hooys helps our girls develop long-term goals for their lives, pursuing careers and vocations that will support them as adults. We provide job skills training, exposure to a wide variety of professions, college preparation, and the opportunity to learn trades under the mentorship of masters in their chosen fields. Our young women who continue

Family Environment

Mer Hooys provides our girls a clean, safe home, nutritious meals, and a nurturing family environment that instills encouragement and confidence. Our girls in residence have HOPE for their futures, and they know that, regardless of whether or not they have a suitable living parent, they have a Mer Hooys family that will ALWAYS be

Psychological, Social & Spiritual Support

Our girls receive psychological support and counseling from a highly skilled professional staff, including social worker, psychologist, and medical professionals on-call. The focus is on healthy development in all areas, with therapeutic activities supported by self-development, health education, and training in the arts and music, fitness, and sports. The girls participate in community activities, take

Transition to Independent Living

For our older teens and graduates with no family or suitable home to which they can safely return, Mer Hooys initiated a Transitional Program, which operates from a newly remodeled wing of the Nakashian Children’s Support Center. The program offers practical tools for the transition to independent and self-sufficient lives. As they continue their schooling or vocational training,

Family Reunification

As Armenia continues its focus on deinstitutionalization and family preservation, Mer Hooys strives to reunify program participants with their families when possible, providing family location services and family counseling. Our professional staff works with these families on their plans to support their girls’ continuing education, psychological and spiritual health and well-being. The reunified families continue