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Mer Hooys Artwork

Mer Hooys encourages our girls to explore and develop their interests and talents, not only to provide well-rounded cultural and artistic education, but to nurture skills which have the potential to develop into careers that can support them as they reach young adulthood and live independently.  A few of our girls and graduates have developed into talented artists.

We are pleased to offer some of their work as gifts to our donors to help support the artists’ continued studies, as well as the Mer Hooys program.  Supporters who donate at a recommended minimum level of $150 are eligible to receive a 3-set packet of Notecards depicting 18 selected paintings, which you may view by clicking on the box below.Supporters who donate at recommended minimum levels of $250 or $500 are eligible to select a piece of original art from our Art Catalogue, which you may download by clicking on the box below.  Please send us a message via the Contact Us page to let us know you want a set of Notecards, or to confirm that your selection of artwork has not already been gifted and is still available, and to coordinate shipping arrangements. You will receive an e-mail message with more information and instructions. We are asking our donors to cover packaging and mailing costs for paintings that cannot be delivered in-person, at a flat rate of $15.

You may make your donation with a credit card, PayPal or check via our Donate page.  All donations will be acknowledged and are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

Armine Arshakyan-Vardanyan displays notable talent in a wide range of artistic styles, both modern and more traditional.  With her parents deceased and little family, she came to Mer Hooys Nakashian Children’s Support Center from a state orphanage in 2012, at the age of 14.  The First Lady of Armenia took note of Armine’s artistic talent when she toured the Nakashian Center in 2013, and helped Armine secure entrance to the Terlemezyan Fine Art College in Yerevan, Armenia, where Armine is continuing her studies.
An award-winning artist, Suren Vardanyan is from the mountainous village Zar in the Kotayk Province outside of Yerevan, Armenia.  A frequent participant in exhibitions in Armenia, he has won first prize on several occasions.  Currently a student of the Yerevan State Academy of Fine Arts, Suren previously studied at the Terlemezyan Fine Art College.

Armine and Suren met at the Terlemezyan Fine Art College in Yerevan, Armenia. Married in June 2017, they welcomed their first child, a daughter named Tehmina, in March 2018. Both are continuing to develop their artistic skills, and they often work collaboratively.