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About Us

Academic Achievement

Education is the key to success, and the foundation of the Mer Hooys program

Career & Vocational Training

Mer Hooys helps our girls develop long-term goals for their lives, pursuing careers and vocations that will

support them as adults

Family Environment

Mer Hooys provides our girls a clean, safe home, nutritious meals, and a nurturing family environment

that instills encouragement and confidence

Psychological, Social & Spiritual Support

Our girls receive psychological support and counseling from a highly skilled professional staff, including

social worker, psychologist, and medical professionals on-call

Transition to Independent Living

For our older teens and graduates with no family or suitable home to which they can safely return, Mer Hooys

initiated a Transitional Program, which operates from a newly remodeled wing of the Nakashian Children’s Support Center

Family Reunification

As Armenia continues its focus on deinstitutionalization and family preservation, Mer Hooys strives to

reunify program participants with their families when possible, providing family location services and

family counseling

Mer Hooys is dedicated to reaching out to girls from severely disadvantaged lifestyles. Our residential program teaches them the skills needed to lead productive adult lives, and to make positive decisions for themselves and their futures.

Incorporated in December 2008 as a California 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, Mer Hooys opened the Nakashian Children’s Support Center in October 2012 with our first “class” of 15 girls ages 13-15 years old.  The two-story renovated building in the suburbs of Yerevan, Armenia, is named in honor of its benefactors, the late John, Arpine and Jack Nakashian.  The program operates in partnership with the Mother Church in Etchmiadzin, with the blessings of Holiness KarekinII, Catholicos of All Armenians, and the Western and Eastern Dioceses of the Armenian Church of North America.

Our program is designed to help these girls recognize and develop their talents and skills, and to utilize those assets as they mature into self-sufficiency.  As our older girls graduate from our program and either are able to reunite with their families, move into the Mer Hooys Transitional Living program, or are capable of living safely and successfully on their own, we continue to admit new, younger girls from both Yerevan and villages throughout Armenia into our program.  Carefully screened by our professional staff, all the girls come from either an orphanage or a seriously socially disadvantaged family currently receiving substantial government or private NGO support, and all are at risk; most have a parent or parents who are financially unable to properly support their families.  

Small group living enables our program to deliver the high level of professional services, individual care, and focused attention that are the hallmarks of our success.  We accommodate approximately 20-25 girls in residence, with up to 5 additional Transitional Program participants, and our graduates received ongoing educational and psychological support and counseling as needed.

Mer Hooys Operates with Financial Transparency & Efficiency


Mer Hooys has achieved remarkable success since we launched our first class in September 2012. Our program graduates are respectful, independent-thinking young women with the solid academic, psychological and emotional foundations they need to help ensure their ability to live independently or in a healthy family, and they have positive outlooks for their lives.

Program graduates living in safe environments 100%
Program graduates with high school diplomas 93%
Program graduates pursuing university education/vocational training 93%