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Noune Geghamyan PhD

Program Director

Dr. Noune Geghamyan has a bachelor’s and master’s degree in social work from Yerevan State University sociology department, and a PhD in Economy.  She has served as lecturer at Yerevan State University from 2006-2013.  As of 2014, she is associate professor and the chair of social work and social technologies.  In 2003, she co-founded the International Association of Social Workers in Armenia.  Her practical experience includes serving as co-founder of a day care center for children with special needs, and serving as a programs manager for training programs for multidisciplinary teams working with orphan children. Noune is responsible for the development and management of all aspects of the Mer Hooys program for our girls. In addition to collaborating  with outside professional resources, she meets regularly with our professional staff, and is responsible for oversight of all program-related staff in collaboration with the Executive Director and U.S. Board of Directors. Noune is married and has two children. She speaks Russian, Armenian and English.