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Gayane Saribekyan

Social Worker

Gayane Saribekyan graduated from Yerevan State Engineering University in 1992. She continued her education in the department of sociology and social work of Yerevan State University.  Her credentials and work history are exemplary and a great asset to Mer Hooys.  She is a social worker and has received a license as a school director from the Ministry of Education and Science. Gayane’s work history includes positions in management of state institutions for twenty years.  She was responsible for overseeing the committee of domestic conflict intervention, child-care and upbringing, adoption and guardianship, referral of children to orphanages and returning them to their biological families. She took over the management of the educational system of Yerevan Ajapnyak administrative district, where she coordinated the activities of educational and cultural institutions, 16 kindergartens, 20 schools, 7 musical schools, where thousands of children and teenagers attended.  She headed a professional group working with orphanage graduates, as well as with teenagers, with problematic behavior, which gives her an understanding and empathy toward their needs. She has participated in and implemented numerous trainings, including parenting trainings, teacher training, and family mediation. Gayane is one of four founders of the Armenian Association of Social Workers, and currently serves as the chairman of the audit committee. Gayane’s role at Mer Hooys is to evaluate the domestic needs of the residents, manage their recovery intervention plans, work with their socialization and integration into society, arrange their independent lives, general development and raising their awareness of themselves and their participation in society.  She develops community participation programs for the girls, collaborating with state governmental and international non-governmental organizations. Gayane, who is dedicated to improving the lives of our Mer Hooys residents, is most gratified when she has a successful case with a positive outcome related to children’s lives and their recovery.  She is married and has one adult daughter who currently lives in the United States.  She also maintains a close relationship with a young woman whom she fostered as a child.